Pippa Middleton Bikini Pictures

You knew it was bound to happen.

Pippa Middleton in a Bikini.

Before we should you the picture, of Pippa, please follow Pippa Middleton’s Ass on Twitter

Pippa Middleton Bikini

Pippa Middleton Bikini


29 Responses to Pippa Middleton Bikini Pictures

  • softfree says:

    Thank you..really informative!!

  • Jord says:

    That’s Catherine Middleton!

  • g.spinoza says:

    This is Kate, not Pippa.

  • snake says:

    ans hey pippasbum you really are very sad indeed if your spending all your day trying to get photos of pippa mideltons arse!!i mean its an arse so what,there are millions of girls with nicer bums than hers,when i go to bondi beach i see hundereds of nicer arses than hers and the ones on the beach are in thong bikinis!!
    may i suggest the time your spending 5 knuckling to pippas ass that you use your time more wisley and try and find a gf?coz its so obvious that dont have one!!

    • Mathias Gavnholt says:

      It’s called humor, you should try it some time, i’ve heard it’s very popular these days.

    • Brian says:

      Millions of girls with nicer bums, eh? And you have made this comparison yourself. If you’ve been looking at that many bums, I think it is you that needs the life. Why don’t you follow your own advice, moron.

    • Noshy says:

      Yeah, that may be true, but none of those asses were at the royal wedding without panties, and none of those asses were seen by billions of people.
      So snake, go find yourself a trouser version, cause it sounds like you are so uptight that you need a bit.

    • gman says:

      Wisley? are you really that incompetent? Your “girlfriend” must be really proud of you

    • Alex says:

      lol, you must be ugly as fuck and forever alone!

  • ruslando says:

    ayyyy que rica esta

  • Joey Special says:

    Hey Snake what would you know about Bondi Beach never mind an arse,that’s because you are an arse.So why don’t you piss of and allow the rest of the very proud people of this Great Nation to celebrate the fact that at long last we have an arse to be proud of Pippa Middleton The Nation Adores You.Pippa Middleton Rules!!!!! xx

  • Gluteus Maximus says:

    At last, a site I can admire and be proud to be seen exploring. As a dedicated arse man, I feel priveleged to sit and gaze at your artistic studies of one of the great posteriors of our time. Thank you pippasass.com, thank you.

  • AssMan says:

    She could sit on my face and fart!

  • Shamil Basayev says:

    The office of the high commissioner has it on good authority that the woman is the anti-Christ, and favors ‘tween Yupik boys.

  • Bill Cosby says:

    I’d hit it.

  • Anil says:

    Wow ! A real class apart ass . Or say , AN ASS WITH A CL(ASS) . The pair made my heart skip , not one beat but two beats ! ! One for each . And remember , I am elderly and have blocked arteries !

  • KateNargrove says:

    relay good looking..

  • Pat says:

    So hot!

  • Jean Deaux says:

    Not sure if that IS Pippa but that is a sniffworthy ass nonetheless. Thank you for the photo

  • RC says:

    That’s Kate actually! Just totally proving how much hotter Kate is over Pippa.

  • Curious says:

    What I want to know is whether the front sid eof Pippa’s ass is shaved?

  • Karina (Australia) says:

    It is amazing how popular this girl has become. You did a good job by creating this blog.

  • Darren says:

    Sorry thats Pippa, I took the pictures and I have a ton more, not releasing them though…. sorry.

  • Darren says:

    Hey look at Sarah Palin……….I can’t beleive what John McCain did for her…. The Palin’s went from a Middle Class Family if that to Retarded Millionaires!!!!!

  • rene says:

    ….but…. she is ugly!?

  • troy says:

    Hey Snake you stumble across the Pippas ass blog whilst googling Bondi beach fake tan and hair dye accessories?

  • Simon says:

    She may not be the most beautiful girl in the world but she is dam cute and very stylish you should put your photo up rene so we could compare you with her moron
    Snake, funny you seem to be on this site and not at Bondi seems you wish you had a girl friend
    My misses said she has a hot ass coming from someone with one and I’ll second that

  • nighthawk says:

    my girlfriend is hotter than both those chics!!!!

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